To the Earth Beauty reading this:

The sacred resides within us and is carried with each step we take. When that becomes conscious, our lives become a ceremony, a pure celebration of who we are and the divine creations surrounding us. My passion lies with guiding others in exploring life as ceremony and watching each of you unfold as you open to yourself, actualizing your unique gifts and realizing you are a gift. 

My training has been long and the collection of disciplines wide...

My academic studies include a Bachelor of Art's Degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. I have received formal master healing training in Usui Reiki Ryoho and Mysteries and I have received the first empowerment of Magical Awakenings Celtic Shamanism training. I am currently a supporting priestess of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality dedicated to Sekhmet in Cactus Springs, Nevada. I am a trained Vinyasa and Hatha yoga instructor through YogaFit as well as AntiGravity Aerial Fitness. I spent 14 years in intensive classical music study and theory for piano, violin and voice through private lessons and ensembles which gave structure for sound healing and vibrational medicine to be poured into. I have read hundreds of books on the occult, alchemy, herbs, crystals, philosophy, religion, star races, astrology and magic. I have attended thousands of hours worth of workshops, courses, classes, and retreats. But, the most grand teacher I've ever had has been my experience, my connection to Spirit. Learning to listen to my heart, intuition, the Earth and the heavens is what has been the greatest North Star for my life. It has led me on wild adventures through the jungle and the desert to new countries and has introduced me to the most beautiful soul family. It has shown me ancient technologies held in my DNA, that no one could have known but me. It has been beautiful, challenging but so special to me. This is what I strive to help you discover for yourself. 

Explore with me, speak your truth and tap into your own mystery. 

So much love,

Vanessa Lamorte, M.A. & Reiki Master Teacher