“In our current age, the term light language has come to mean the ability to speak in tongues or to channel languages of the star people, the fae or other etheric beings - either through written, spoken or motioned modalities. Maybe you have come across this book because you have found yourself writing sacred secret scripts or symbols that, you know in your heart, hold immense meaning but are unintelligible to you right now. While all of this is light language, it is my hope that the journey of this book will teach you about the inner workings of the soul and what this mechanism has to offer. It is my hope that the sacred technology of this book reflects to you your own light and teaches you how to reach the secret language of the Universe through the greatest gift you have to offer this world: you.

When I began my journey with light language, so much came up for me: new psychic downloads, the shattering of many belief systems, and more. I am thankful for all of it. This text will take you through my personal expansion with light language and into the wisdom teachings I have received to share.

This book was written for those who have struggled to find unity through light language as well as those that have yet to incarnate with this ability. It was also written for seekers of personal truth - for those willing to be open to new perspectives and the wisdom of Mystery. As a leader in this movement, I want to say that as much as our soul language "speaks" to the Earth's wisdom of the ages, it is also very much a part of our rich galactic history and upbringing. We can view light language as a way to bridge all realms.

With the expansion of the heart happening in our collective so rapidly, it’s important to examine the technology behind light language; it is important to examine the how and the why we have this tool hard-wired into our system. We work with the building blocks of light language all the time, but this may offer you a new or different perspective about it. Most importantly, reading this text may be an opportunity to get to know yourself, your heart, and your spirit on a deeper level. It may inspire something that feels more whole or real for you.”

-Soul Seeds: Remembering Light Language, Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, M.A.


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