|| I M P R I N T I N G F R E E D O M 2019 ||

|| I M P R I N T I N G F R E E D O M 2019 ||


+ Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth REQUIRED. No refunds once fully booked & confirmed.

The 2 hour offering…

  • Connect in a Reiki-empowered, opening ritual to co-create the foundational energetics of your intentions & architecture of 2019

  • Moon Power Astrology + Intuitive Guidance to tap into your specific cycle, your needs and your power to create = a badass, astrological reading where Marlena can offer guidance on the above plus peak days in the month for conscious dreaming. [I've had it and it changed my life.]

  • I M P R I N T I N G  F R E E D O M  Oracle Spread

  • Plus you'll receive a Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius themed Yoga Nidra Mp3 to revisit anytime you wish to help you reprogram limiting beliefs, blockages, and to reinforce the FREEDOM you have and are creating! Yoga Nidra is known as 'tantric or yogic sleep.' It helps you enter the hypnogogic state (between waking and asleep) and when we spend time in this space we can reboot the circuitry of our system. It's deeply restorative and like a guided meditation.

Did you know the first moon cycle of the year imprints blessings and teachings that will unfold for the ENTIRE year? This ancient divination technology is so insightful and we want to hold space for you to surrender and release to make space for what feels true and real for you = YOUR FREEDOM.

Looking into this upcoming month, there is a distinct portal that will open offering us the opportunity to work with Sagittarius [Aligning Truth], Capricorn [Releasing Control] and then at the end of the cycle, Aquarius [Acting from your OWN, unique embodiment] energies, streaming from the galactic center. When worked with consciously, new timeline streams may open up which means you could be making a quantum leap in your own self-discovery.

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