Mikao Usui's Reiki Crystal of Awakening Training

Mikao Usui's Reiki Crystal of Awakening Training


June 30th from 8-11am on Google Hangouts, I will be offering a training to receive the Reiki Crystal attunement and to dive into its wisdom teachings. This technique is so whimsical, highly profound yet so easy to learn. Above all else it's fun and PURE MAGIC. The Reiki Crystal is for the seeker, the magician, the alchemist...the one who is ready to learn high integrity magic through the Reiki lineage and to amplify the practices you already embody. Anyone can take this training, even if you haven’t received the traditional level 1 empowerment yet. If you are a practitioner, even a Reiki Master you are welcome and encouraged to take this training!

+Receive the Reiki Crystal Attunement

+Learn about its founder and technology

+Learn the simplified hand positions of the crystal

+Learn how to work on others & send distance Reiki without symbols

+Understand Reiki as a divine intelligence

+Receive sacred empowerments to essences like gemstones, herbs, & planets

+Play with Reiki energy in a sacred circle

+Learn Reiki holograms & devices

+Connect to your own Reiki Crystal consciousness

A few years ago, I received the empowerment to the Reiki Crystal from my Master Teacher, Nicole. This sacred technology was brought forth by Brett Bevell, her Master Teacher, whom has also written numerous other texts about the lineage and magic of Reiki. He is a true wizard.

It revolutionized the way I worked with Reiki. It simplified it, opened me to new and creative possibilities and reflected to me the profundity of this lineage. The Reiki Crystal is intuitive and elegant. It is designed for the Reiki novice and the trained Master. Like traditional training there are hand positions, but they are streamlined and easy to remember. The list of ways to implement the crystal is expansive.

If you're not local to LV and want to take the training, send me a message. ;)

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