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=R E I K I T R A I N I N G=

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Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. Receiving Reiki is such a special treat for your wellness and it has been especially supportive of healing through grief and trauma. While receiving treatments is a wonderful part of self-care and practice, learning the technique opens a new door to be able to heal the self, work on friends, family and even clients. Reiki can also be applied to situations, events, animals, and even the Earth too. It can be administered in person or across the globe. It is truly one of the most amazing blessings I have found on this Earth. Becoming a Reiki practitioner doesn't mean you have to open your own practice or solely work on people, these are SO great and we need more individuals to hold space for healing. But, becoming a Reiki practitioner means opening your consciousness to a new way of being, having your own self-care tools accessible wherever you go and having the ability to access a consciousness and technique that can provide guidance, inspire and heal so much beyond what is even imagined. 


In our time together, you will receive an attunement for your training. Attunements can work like a profound healing. Upon registration I will send you more information about the attunement process and the beauty of this sacred time. 

Course Outline

Reiki I

  • The history and origin of Reiki

  • Reiki Philosophy

  • Teacher lineage

  • Reiki Principles

  • Chakra System & Aura

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Reiki Hand Positions

  • Gassho Meditation

  • Guidance for Self-Practice

  • Intro to Smudging & Herbs

  • How to Meet Your Reiki Guide

  • Self-Care & Practice


Reiki II

  • Learn to send distance Reiki

  • Learn the first 3 symbols of Reiki, their meaning, uses & application

  • Byosen Scanning (An aura scanning technique)

  • Gyoshi-Ho (A Reiki technique utilizing the eyes)

  • Reiki Symbols for Protection & Gridding

  • Level II Attunement

  • Practice Giving & Receiving Reiki, Working on Others

  • Planetary Healing & Earth Gridwork

  • Upon course completion, certificate will be issue

Reiki III & Master

  • Learn the Master Symbols

  • Learn how to give attunements

  • How to support and guide students

  • Reiki Mysteries

  • The Reiki Crystal

  • Level III/Master Attunement

  • 1-month Internship

  • Upon course completion, certificate will be issued

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