H a r m o n y f o r S e l f & P a r t n e r s

Transpersonal guidance. Energy & sound medicine. Astrology.

|| c a l i b r a t e || Attunement to pure light by way of transpersonal guidance, light languages, sound medicine, vibrational coding, Reiki, astrology & b l e s s i n g.

Whether you are needing a sounding board for creative ideas, guidance for challenges arising, support through energy medicine like Reiki & Sound, or are completely unsure…You are in the right place.

Awaken dormant DNA. Breakthrough limitations. Inspire new gifts. Receive support for expression & boundary work. Embrace your shadow.

60-90 minutes. Video Chat or In Person.


|| H a r m o n i c s ||

:For Partners:

Monogamous. Polyamorous. Homosexual. Heterosexual. All Expressions.

Together— Intention Setting & Integration Ceremonies.

Solo—(3) c a l i b r a t e sessions.

Wisdom Teachings— intuitively timed, channeled & emailed.

Email & Prayer Support.

Video Chat or In Person.


|| b l e s s i n g || Grace; sanction or support; a prayer. Healers only hold space for your healing to take place—but it is your Will to shift that creates healing.

Connect through a 30 minute Intention Setting Ceremony to feel into what is emerging, meet for (3) c a l i b r a t e sessions, & a 30 minute Integration Ceremony.

Email & Prayer Support.

Video Chat or In Person.