+S o u n d  M e d i c i n e  C e r e m o n y  T r a i n i n g+

::Coming Fall 2018::

About Reiki...

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. Receiving Reiki is such a special treat for your wellness and it has been especially supportive of healing through grief and trauma. While receiving treatments is a wonderful part of self-care and practice, learning the technique opens a new door to be able to heal the self, work on friends, family and even clients. Reiki can also be applied to situations, events, animals, and even the Earth too. It can be administered in person or across the globe. It is truly one of the most amazing blessings I have found on this Earth. Becoming a Reiki practitioner doesn't mean you have to open your own practice or solely work on people, these are SO great and we need more individuals to hold space for healing. But, becoming a Reiki practitioner means opening your consciousness to a new way of being, having your own self-care tools accessible wherever you go and having the ability to access a consciousness and technique that can provide guidance, inspire and heal so much beyond what is even imagined. 

|| Reiki I Training ||

Saturday, July 21st - 9am-3pm | Las Vegas & Online| Location TBA.

In our time together, receive the Reiki I attunement and learn: The history, origin and family tree of the Usui Reiki lineage, Reiki Philosophy, the Reiki Principles and hand positions. You will also have the opportunity to practice Gassho Meditation, a meditative technique designed by Master Mikao Usui, in addition to learning the chakra system and auric structures, intro to herb cleansing and sacred smoke, cultivating a self-care practice and meeting your Reiki guide! 

|| Reiki II Training ||

Sunday, August 5th - 9am - 3pm | Las Vegas & Online | Location TBA.

In our time together, receive the Reiki II attunement and learn: How to send distance Reiki, the first 3 symbols of Reiki, their meaning, uses & application, Byosen Scanning (An aura scanning technique), Gyoshi-Ho (A Reiki technique utilizing the eyes), and how to create and secure sacred space by implementing the symbols. You will also have the opportunity to practice giving and receiving Reiki while working on others. 


These trainings will take place in person. If you can't be here physically, we can Skype/Google Hangouts you in.

Am I your teacher and is this the right training for you? If you feel you are ready, please fill out the application and submit it below.  


|| Reiki Master Training ||

 Las Vegas & Online| Location TBA + Distance Internship to Follow


Friday, September 21st - 6pm-9pm | Opening Ceremony + Master Attunement

Saturday, September 22nd - 9am-4pm | Symbols + How to Give Reiju + How to Hold Space for Students

Sunday, September 23rd - 9am - 4pm | Reiki Mysteries & Khoki Ho (Reiki Breath) + Reiki Crystal + Internship Discussion

Becoming a Reiki Master doesn't mean your training is ending, but that you are embarking on the next chapter of your Reiki journey. As a Reiki Master Teacher, you have the opportunity to change lives in deeply profound ways. You are given the gift to teach the Reiki lineage and pass the teachings down to students. The passing of the Reiki lineage happens through Reiju, the attunement process, which can only be facilitated from teacher to student. Reiju can be applied to students, yes, but in other profound ways as well. In this training, we will delve into the deeper teachings of Reiki as well as the mystery techniques passed down to me. Having trained in this lineage for 5 years now, in my heart I feel mastership is truly a grand responsibility. You are given authority to be an ambassador for the Reiki teachings and lineage in a new way. Feeling the call to continue your education and practice by moving into mastership is so special. I ask each of my students to meditate upon their intention for wanting the teachings and what may be opening for you. It is also important to keep a high integrity practice, as at this time powerful healings and teachings will be transmitted to you. 

Am I your teacher and is this the right training for you? If you feel you are ready, please fill out the application and submit it below.  

+Why do you feel called to receive Reiki training from me?

+What is your intention for your Reiki practice?

+What do you hope to learn from this training?

+How do you hope to apply the teachings you receive?

+When, Where & with Whom did you receive your Reiki I and/or II training (if applying for II or Master)?

+What is your learning style?

+What do you feel your deepest passions are?

+How would you describe your life purpose/vocation?

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