››D R E A M I N G FOR P E A C E‹‹

An Astral Mystery School for Gaia

May 4th-August 14th

We spend about a third of our life sleeping. In this time, we are rejuvenating, resting and regenerating our cells. But also, d r e a m i n g. Those visions we wake up with sometimes are seemingly random, but yet can be so rich with information from our psyche, our unconscious  aspects of ourselves and the collective that are latent, unmanifest. 

Now, imagine that the time we spend sleeping and dreaming is not just for our bodies or our personal intrigue, but a sacred portal to the H I V E  M I N D. Perhaps sacred access to our collective unconscious where dream visions are pollinated, but not yet bloomed, where we can calibrate and align ourselves with the highest vibrational timeline not only for the self but also the Earth and humanity. 

d r e a m i n g  for  p e a c e is a prayer for our Mother Gaia. It is an opportunity for us to expand our consciousness, to activate our Will, to dream a new dream for each other and this planet—TOGETHER, all through sleeping. Our ancestors from the Stars, ancient indigenous civilizations and the many temple priest-priestesses from the Egyptians, to the Druids, Avalonians, Essenes, Lemurians, Atlanteans—all the sacred mystic traditions— knew this technology well and they harnessed it to breathe new life into embodied l i v i n g.

Keep reading if you are called to be a part of this soul family initiative…

Experience 3.5 Months of co-Dreaming Teachings, Guided by Marlena McGuigan, my Dream Queen sister colleague and myself.

Due to the private nature of dreams, it’s not required for you to share them or even for you to remember them. The opportunity to receive, learn and expand is still open. We are here to guide you through tips and techniques to awaken recall.

We will begin with an intentional 30 minute, 1:1 session with each of you, holding space for you to share your DREAMS and VISIONS for yourself, your community and our PLANET. Receive your Moon Power dates, astrology wisdom gifted by Marlena. 

Hosted on Google Classroom, the class will be held in a sacred energy medicine grid to help us harmonize with each other and the Gaian Grid, vibrational medicine weaved by the guardians of this engagement and your facilitators.

Together, we’ll explore empowerment teachings through reflection prompts, astral sacred site meetups, and sleeping to waking lucidity calibrations by Vanessa through sound medicine. 

To conclude our journey, we’ll meet again for a 1:1, 30 minute session.

++Each of you will receive a handcrafted D R E A M C A T C H E R by Marlena and a 

D R E A M  P O L L E N  E L I X I R by Vanessa.++

Please include your current mailing address at registration. For international students, there will be an additional shipping charge.

Exchange: $200 non-refundable deposit due to book your space. This goes toward the total cost of the course.  $888-$1111 sliding scale, where YOU get to

c h o o s e the amount in that range.

|| Ex: $269 per month for 3 months. ||

Payment plans available, please inquire if this is something you need support with.

OR for PARTNERS same deposit and $1300 flat rate.