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Sacred Alchemy of Balance

Alchemy is the process of transformation. An intention for this work is forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and grace, the foundations for transmutation of shadow into light and the vehicle through which we can create s p a c e for our souls to thrive. This offering was inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene and in her honor is held just a few days before her feast day on July 22nd.

During this immersion, you will have the opportunity to journey deep into the soul and receive healing for the divine masculine-feminine, shadow-light, mental-emotional bodies and movement of the unconscious to conscious. Our time together will take you through a journey of the self to understand what is ready to be released, what gifts are ready to emerge, and what soul pieces are ready to be reclaimed. Priestess Vanessa Lamorte will be guiding this soul activation through a water purification ceremony, intuitive wisdom, and harmonic sound and flower bath. We will also be learning how to create a vibrational flower essence together. A vegetarian dinner will be served and then we will stay together overnight in the temple for a sacred ceremony vigil to illuminate the prayers we are laying for ourselves and the planet through chanting, songs and sharings. Please wear all white and there will be photography. Exchange: $77. Space is limited and pre book is required. Please email me at to reserve your spot.

Later Event: August 2
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