Flower Medicine & Sound Elixirs


Flower essences and vibrational elixirs are medicines for the soul. They work with your vibration to help shift mental and emotional states, connecting us to the subtle layers in our auras. The language of flowers speaks to these deeper parts of ourselves and with clarity, guides us to resurfacing and then integrating these types of soul-led awarenesses.

The essences that pass through my hands are all made in c e r e m o n y, in harmonic connection with the Earth and each other. Intuitively guided, celestial and astrological alignments as well as sacred light songs may be a facet of the essence.

To learn about the specific m a g i c of each medicine, review its description.

May the vibrational essences here help guide you to the highest expression of your path.

Allow 3-5 days to ship. For international shipping, please message me!