Mentorship in the blessings of the Fertile Void


The feminine is a living portal, a direct connection to the Great Cosmic Void and the masculine offers us the structure to electrify what we are magnetizing. We are the bridge between the manifest and un manifest. Stepping into the Unknown is a way of embracing the inherent power of the soul, to be able to trust ourselves in full and to create as we go.

Initiation is a rite of passage, a sacred marking of a journey newly embarked upon but one that is soul-led, always present but perhaps not always seen.

The Sacred Unknown teaches us about honoring our own natural cycle, that at each stage there is movement whether that’s seen or unseen and to bloom means to unfold in your full radiance in your own timing. To be an initiate of this path is to honor the heart of hearts—your own and to follow the pulse of your own true North.

This is for you if…

+You are ready to embrace all the aspects of s o u l

+You are ready to illuminate your service as a magician-healer-wise one, a vessel between worlds, for the greatest Goddess—Mother Earth

+You recognize that Priestess, Magician, Mystic, Wizard, Healer, etc. are not titles, but an act of service, a way of being.

+You are ready to get to know yourself more intimately

+You are ready to accept the magic that moves through your bones, your blood, and the sacred intelligence of the mind-body-heart-soul.

The Unknown is wild, it’s raw and it is rich. Rich with new insights, vulnerable growth and the wisdom to traverse your journey from your own Will. It may not always be comfortable or easy. We may not always know the next step. My offering to you is a way to step into that power and get to know your true light, your true self, to see what you are really made of.

Originally this offering came through my awareness as Rose Initiates, an offering for the divine feminine, to work with women and led by a guide that has been at the forefront of my work—Mary Magdalene. It struck me one night in a meditation that to step into an experience that is more whole, I needed to o p e n the space, to take off the limitation of the feminine and let go of polarity. This is now open to all, however you express, however you embody, so that we can co create an experience that is more real and more authentic for all.

“My gifts, my m a g i c had always been there, lying dormant in my blood, waiting for the perfect moment to e x p a n d and radiate. I just didn’t see it right away because my vision was elsewhere, perhaps looking to others or outside myself for the answers. If this is you, first and foremost, the power is always within you. If you are called, it is my highest honor to hold space for you, witness you, and guide you back to yourself, back to the seat of your own s o u l.”


I would be honored to hold space for you by creating unique, tailored teachings for your path through intuitive communion with spirit, guidance, energy medicine and sacred connection.

During our time together, you may have the opportunity to explore…

-Sacred Unknown Immersions || Teachings to explore ourselves as a bridge between the manifest and unmanifest, a connection to the Great Cosmic Void

-Sun to Moon Teachings || Learn the phases of the moon, her meanings & how to work with Her & your personal cycle as well as navigating the journey of the Sun and his day-to-day offerings

-Sacred Space & Altar Building || Learn how to call the 7 directions, create altars for any intention & be a living sanctum

-Intuition Development || Step into the power of your intuition and psychic gifts

-Astrology & Celestial Alignments || Receive wisdom from the stars

-Light of the Sacred One || An exploration of your light & the gifts emerging for you

-Divine Archetypes & the Tarot || Learn about your sacred cycle, what archetype you are embodying & WHO is calling to you

-Personal Pantheon || Get to know the God/Goddess/Deity Tribe that is guiding your path

-Sacred Communion with Gaia || Earth-based magic teachings

Teachings will be determined based upon your personal intentions. Listed above are just a spring board for what is possible.

Wisdom Teachings may include sacred inner inquiry, energy empowerments, activations, exercises, and self-guided ceremony.

from 111.00 every month

+Monthly Mentorship for Divinely Timed Initiation+


E A S T: Intention Setting, (1) Emailed Wisdom Teaching & 30 Minute Calibration Session $111/monthly

S O U T H: Intention Setting, (1) Emailed Wisdom Teaching, 45 Minute Calibration Session & Recorded Light Song $222/monthly

W E S T: Intention Setting, (2) Emailed Wisdom Teachings, 60 Minute Calibration Session, Recorded Light Song $555/monthly

N O R T H: Intention Setting, (4) Emailed Wisdom Teachings, 90 Minute Calibration Session, Recorded Light Song, Oracle Reading &

Flower Essence Medicine-Hand blended & crafted-Shipped at the start of the month $1111/monthly


Initiate of the Sacred Unknown Prayer

May you always be blessed.

May you always be held.

May you always know love.

May you always feel peace.

Wherever you are in the world, know that guardians watch over you and that your light was prayed for.