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+ Singing Your Light Song + 1st Initiation 

Temple Calibrations. Vocal & Energetic Care. Ancient Memory. Songs for Self-Healing. 

One of the miracles of this life is the human voice. We have the ability to translate thoughts, feelings, emotions, visions…into sound. Strung together like DNA these sounds compose words which form sentences-what a gift language is. But there is language in all things, even the unspoken, the unsung…

The study of co-creation between our vibration and all vibrations is light language ; harmony. While I was writing Soul Seeds ::Remembering Light Language:: another distillation emerged- a journey into your own vibration, which is this course.

I want to hold space for you to connect to this unique gift; yourself. I want to share with you the experience of the power in your own voice; the joy and the healing available to you in each moment. This course was designed for those who are interested in expanding their gifts, sound healing, light language, and the study of vibration. It will not only teach you about your vibration, but will help you to understand how to work with your own vibration to heal, uplift and enjoy the Self. You don’t need to be a “great singer” to take this either. That is a big judgment we will be untangling in this class. You may be interested in exploring sound in this way if you are wanting to clear throat chakra blockages, speak and express from the heart, and/or clarify your own light language. You may be an energy healer, therapist, yoga teacher, wellness practitioner, maybe an already established sound healer or none of the above. All are welcome to take this class! Singing Your Light Song is the 1st Initiation of the Light Songs Healer Training and is a pre-requisite for the 2nd Initiation-Sharing Your Light Song

Singing Your Light Song is a way for you to connect to your heart, your vibration, your light language through the power of sound and so much more magic…

T E M P L E C A L I B R A T I O N S: Each calibration will be administered through an energetic attunement with teachings to follow for each on how to connect with the temple or light template. (I’ll expand upon the terminology in class.) The temple calibrations for this course are: Temple of Silence, Temple of the Waters, Temple of the Air, Temple of the Earth, and Temple of the Fire. With each temple teaching, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how it shows up for you through your own awarenesses. We will work with the five senses in addition to our intuition.

V O C A L & E N E R G E T I C C A R E: Review basic energy cleansing as well as how to care for your instrument-your voice! This will cover everything from hydration to vocal warm-ups, breathwork, and bodily support.

A N C I E N T M E M O R Y: To connect with the light of ourselves means tapping into all timelines. I will be offering my support for you to excavate your light through reflections, meditations, sacred herbal, essential oil and/or elixir preparations. Many expressions may show up such as past life remembrances, soul retrieval, dreamwork and the reclamation of our unique gifts.

S O N G S F O R S E L F-H E A L I N G: Through the Bija Mantras of the Chakras, seed sounds and songs, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your light, your vibration, and your voice. We will play with sound by weaving vibration through the body, aura and chakras.


++ 1:1 Sound Study

++You will receive a complimentary digital copy of Soul Seeds ::Remembering Light Language:: as we will reference this book throughout the course.

++Lessons will be sent via email, intuitively.

++(3) 3o minute check-in calls scheduled whenever you feel you are needing my support during our time together

++Email & Prayer support

++Optional Co-Heart Participation

Tuition: $1,222

Payment plans available. Limited space. $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

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+Sharing Your Light Song+ 2nd Initiation

Sacred Mysteries of Water & Sound. Advanced Sound Healing. Sacred Ceremonies.

Whether your intention is to expand your knowledge, to add this modality to an existing healing practice or if you are focused on healing the Earth, this course will build upon the first initiation preparing you to hold space through the transformation of sound and take you deeper into the technology of sound healing.

  • Sacred Mysteries of Water & Sound

  • History|| Herstory & Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Cymatics & Sacred Geometry

  • The Art of Lullaby || Harmony & Dissonance

  • Understanding Solfeggio Frequencies, Music of the Spheres & Advanced Sound

  • Instrumental & Vocal Applications

  • Sacred Ceremony, Cultivating Your Sound Healing Practice & Sound Baths

  • Song Attunement

++1:1 Sound Study

++Lessons will be sent via email, intuitively.

++Suggested reading list

++(3) 3o minute check-in calls scheduled whenever you feel you are needing my support during our time together

++Email & Prayer support

++Optional Co-Heart Participation


Payment plans available. Limited space. $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.