Womb Priestess, Mistress of the Seas, Mary of Stars:: Mary Magdalene

When we hear the name ‘Mary Magdalene’ an array of thoughts may surface. The holy “whore” of the Bible, the foot washer, the biblical depiction of prostitution. While taking a deeper look, we might see the consort and wife of Jesus, an initiate of the tantric path and mystery school of Isis, a High Priestess.

Mary was said to have been born in a city called Magdala (now Migdal) a town by the sea in Northwestern Israel. Migdal is Hebrew for ‘tower.’ There is so much in a name. If we look to the tarot card, the Tower, we generally see a tall castle tower with lightning, a symbol for Uranus-the great liberator, flames for destruction and transformation. There are two individuals falling from the windows, one shown with a red cloak and the other with blue. Both colors of which have been associated with M.M. Perhaps the red speaks to the root chakra, having our foundation rattled, blood or bloodlines or burning passion. Blue perhaps for the voice, throat chakra, language and peace to come. Some keywords for this tarot card include: danger, destruction, unexpected sudden change, transformation, liberation, and freedom. Could Mary Magdalene be a vision of the ‘Tower,’ the crumbling of old structures, liberation through destruction, the embracing of an alternative path, perhaps from patriarchy to matriarchy to true equilibrium, a call to use our v o i c e? As she is often depicted as a fully expressed embodiment of the Divine Feminine, perhaps it is Mary of Magdala, Queen of Towers, Wild Woman, and Holy Whore that was meant to be the Great Awakener and leader of revolutions. My intuition can’t help but also point to the story of the Tower of Babel, where the community was said to have had one, unified language—light language and then when the tower fell, there was separation of language, creating separation of people. What could Mary Magdalene have to do with language and if that, light language? Keep reading…

It’s important to note that M.M. could also show up in the tarot, more obviously, as the High Priestess or even the Empress. But Mary , Mistress of the Seas, Priestess of the Mists, and Queen of the Stars, also has deeper associations that point to the Star Card in the Major Arcana. Beyond the biblical depiction of Mary Magdalene, she is said to have played a role in the Holy Grail. How does a Judaic woman bridge Egyptian Mysteries and Celtic lore? Mary Magdalene was said to have been associated with the Knights Templar, which originated in Jerusalem and said to have traveled with the holy grail to Glastonbury. Perhaps the holy grail was not a golden chalice with magical powers, but a great alchemist with a chalice of her own: a womb… At some point, she would have made the journey to Egypt, spending time and receiving teachings with the Temple of Isis and later traveling to Avalon. The delineation of this timeline is rather convoluted. Which I’ll offer a few solutions to here: 1.) Through all of these stories and mystery teachings, we are not speaking about one singular individual called ‘Mary Magdalene’ but rather a lineage or collective of prietesses. 2.) She is but an archetypal figure and these are just? stories. 3.) The stability of vibration on the planet at these varying times was different to allow for easy movement || alchemy between timelines. I don’t claim to know the answer. Maybe it is one of these, none of these or all of them. What I am confident in is that Mary Magdalene did study with Temple of Isis, most likely led, at the time, by her Mother-in-Law, Mother Mary-another story for another day, she is often associated with Venus and Aphrodite as well as Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian legend of Camelot, Avalon and the Holy Grail. The Womb-Holy Grail-Chalice Well is the wellspring of the cosmos, the fertile void through which all creation is born. We can access this healing and renewing energy just by calling upon Mary Magdalene or bringing sound to these words. Each word has vibration and sacred coding that invokes the essence of it. Part of the light technology held in the oversoul of M.M.

There is so much information out there already about these connections, so I encourage you to do the research for yourself. It is quite interesting and a “rabbit hole” to say the least. But I felt it was important to bridge some pieces of my own…As a light linguist, song keeper and just my general interest in sound and language, all of this has always fascinated me. Coming full circle, in the name Magdala, for many years, I have seen the word ‘amygdala.’ Which is the center in the brain responsible for emotional processing, fight or flight survival instincts but also memory. We celebrate the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on July 22nd and the timing of this information comes without doubt that all is interconnected.

I feel Mary Magdalene and her oversoul that lives through many of us is reminding us to remember. Remember our lineage, remember to let what needs to crumble to fall away. That we are divine beings of light, stars of the earth, angels of the heavens-embodied, that we were meant, through our beingness, to change the world, to shine light and radiate the love that we are. Outside language and thought there lives a sacred, heart-centered communication system that all beings recognize. It is the language of our light or light language. This is the gift of ourselves that Mary Magdalene helps us to remember. There has been a strong revival of the Womb Priestesses, Rose Lineage, Holy Whore Circles, and all labels pointing toward beloved Mary Magdalene. In part because people love to exploit power but also because her presence and energy wants to be known so that we can read between the lines and see truth hidden in plain sight. She wants to change the script and flip the story so that we may not only get to know her with more depth, but essentially, come home to ourselves.

Mary Queen of Stars, Great Awakener, comes with this message: Keep the faith. See through the illusion. Focus on what you value. Renewal comes in the most perfect, divine timing. We prayed for you to be born. You are a s t a r. And the stars keep watch over you every day and night. Come home to your spirit.

Vanessa Lamorte