Since the conclusion of this past eclipse cycle on 7/16, so many new insights have unraveled. A portal opened sometime between 7/16 and 7/20. Plus the Galactic Mayan New Year has offered a new timeline jump as well. This new stream of light is delivering codes to all who are ready to receive. You might be thinking, “Well how do I know if I received codes and what do I do with them?” When we are receiving downloads through cosmic alignment it is common for us to have a sense of the transmission through various symptoms. These can include: headaches, excessive thirst, mood swings, insomnia, increased drowsiness, shifts in body temperature, increased creativity/inspiration, shifts in dreams, digestion changes, and so many more. [OBVI: I’m not a doctor. So please use common sense and your discretion to get medical help.] Our bodies tend to express a shift because of the change in energy cycling through the system. This process happens implicitly. You can consciously ask to receive the new upgrades that you need as well. Intention is so powerful.

Part of this new wave that has opened and is rolling through involves a timeline convergence with the Renaissance era, circa 1300-1600 A.D. There may be increased past life recall through meditation and dreams involving these timelines and there may be an exceptionally high interest in period pieces from this era. Renaissance means “revival or rebirth.” On a collective soul level, we are reviving parts of ourselves from this era to integrate and utilize for our current timeline. The Renaissance happened after the Dark Ages or the Middle Ages, where we spent roughly 1,000 years without new advancements in art, culture, architecture and literature. Think cathedrals, castles, monasteries, crusades, wars and major hierarchy-kings, queens and peasants. It’s not that nothing was happening at this time, it just wasn’t as productive in terms of new thought and artistic contribution as the years to come.

In many ways, our current age parallels the relationship between the Dark Ages and the Renaissance. In the last 100 years, we have made many advancements in technology. However, it feels as if in the last 50-60 years the momentum of invention we experienced at the turn of the 20th century declined. It didn’t continue with the same strength through the last 5ish decades, especially with the contributions of people like Nikola Tesla that haven’t really gone anywhere as of yet. It seems the same for new thought. During the 1960s and 1970s, it seemed there was an air of experimentation and exploration in the realm of consciousness, largely in part due to the psychedelic movement. Then that expansive nature appears to go dormant for the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Again, I know that there were definitely people expanding at this time and there were many waves of new souls coming to the planet known by various names such as indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. But as a collective, we put a hold on the major advancement of humanity until the recent few years.

The healers, lightworkers, shamans, therapists, authors and contributors of now are the philosophers of ancient times. With social media, there is a wider access to more forward thinkers than ever before. So what do we do with this renaissance of energy? And where is it coming from? First, I think it is coming through us. So many of us that have incarnated on the planet today were part of the advancement of many large, ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Avalon, and so forth. There are many incarnated now who were also a part of the Renaissance. I think talking about what is showing up for us and sharing our thoughts can be incredibly transformative. Soul code transmissions happen by way of exposure. So the more we talk with the each other, the more we can expose each other to these new codes. There is also assistance from off planet intelligence spheres, that are still a part of our own oversouls and perhaps higher selves, that are helping us move things along. When new spheres of light and new galactic collectives enter our atmosphere, often the energy in the air aka weather shifts very quickly. So you can watch the Earth and the weather for clues to what is moving celestially. I received intuitively there were some key elements from Renaissance coming through with renewed revival now. These include: clockwork and concepts involving time and space, navigation especially involving ship and ocean structures, alchemy and the technology of Adamic structure like the work of Da Vinci, sacred geometry especially in architecture, sustainable building and living, music of the spheres and the creation of new instruments, irrigation, water/plumbing technology, and flight.

Lastly, working with our insights for our personal development is so vital. We all have intuition. Listening to it and acting on it helps us by reinforcing that we truly do have the answers. Through this process, we allow more of our own spirit through. I find excitement in processes like this because they point toward an up swing in revitalized energy. With the highly diverse and expansive nature of the beings incarnated now, we are amidst some of the greatest movers, shakers and thinkers. We are the greats. We are the reiterations of people like Cleopatra, Socrates, Merlin, Joan of Arc, etc. It is during this lifetime where we will bridge more timelines and l i g h t than ever.

Vanessa Lamorte