CEREMONY. Intuition Development. Energy & Sound Medicine.

Flower Healing. Divination Guidance. SOUL RETRIEVAL.

With thousands of hours of training in multiple modalities, several retreat facilitations around the globe and my guidance as a ceremonialist, Divine Mystery is my offering of immersion to you. Walk with me into the power of the Great Unknown through retreat-based teaching. Immersion is a beautiful way to focus your energy on your highest vision—this is what creates lasting transformation. Expand your light body through healing rituals, divine guidance, ancient songs & wisdom teachings—all amidst the greatest temple we know :: Our Earth.

Come to the Mojave Desert of Las Vegas where we can explore fairy circles, temples, and secret, sacred sites!

Working with the natural elements has been an integral part of my work and my magic. It is such a profound practice to quiet the mind, center our breath and listen to the Earth and her songs. It is within this practice that I have been led to secret, sacred places and have received the teachings of ancient ways. Divine Mystery opens the space for you to discover your Spirit through your own intuition and soul— potent, enchanting and a walk between worlds.

Send me your d r e a m s. From your intention, we’ll create s p a c e for calibration to your truest self.

Starting at $555 || If this calls out to you, please apply below!

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