An immersion in the blessings of the Divine Feminine


“Priestess is a term we claim for ourselves.” -High Priestess Candace Ross, Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet

As women, it is our birthright to not only awaken, but anchor our Divine Feminine wisdom. Priestessing takes many forms-teachers, nurses, mystics, healers, scientists, environmentalists, mothers, daughters…They are all priestesses. Stepping onto the path can be as simple as setting an intention for yourself, conducting your own ritual, or attending a formal study. Do what feels right for you. This offering is just one way to help you CLAIM the POWER that YOU ARE.

As an ordained priestess of the Sekhmet Temple, I can say there were many teachings that found me during my training. The lessons, reflections and homework were just a starting point for the greater awakenings of the Great Mother to work her magic in my life. And there were many, many magical moments!

Most of all, it was a coming home to m y s e l f.

Rose Initiates is an offering that weaves my temple priestess-ship with the many wisdom traditions I've collected over the years. It is a way to come into deeper communion with the Self, Mother Earth and to learn the sacred magic of h a r m o n y.


During our time together, you will have the opportunity to explore…

-Moon Teachings || Learn the phases of the moon, her meanings & how to work with Her & your personal cycle

-Womb Wisdom || Intuitive Guidance led by our wombs

-Sacred Space & Altar Building || Learn how to call the 7 directions, create altars for any intention & be a living sanctum

-Light of the Sacred One || An exploration of your light & the gifts emerging for you

-Sacred Unknown Immersions || Teachings to explore ourselves as a bridge between the manifest and unmanifest, a connection to the Great Cosmic Void

-Divine Feminine Archetypes & the Triple Goddess || Learn about the sacred cycle of the feminine, what archetype you are embodying & WHO is calling to you

-Personal Pantheon || Get to know the God/Goddess/Deity Tribe that is guiding your path

-Sacred Communion with Gaia || Earth-based magic teachings

-Yoni Mysteries || Wisdom of your sacred flower & support for her wellness

Teachings will be determined based upon your personal intentions. Listed above are just a spring board for what is possible.

:: Rosa Exchange :: This is a 3 month cycle, beginning on a seasonal change (Summer/Winter Solstice, Autumnal/Vernal Equinox)

  • 30 minute Intention Setting Ceremony

  • (3) 60-75 minute Rosa Luz Calibrations-Energy & Sound Medicine, Guidance & Blessing

  • 30 minute Integration Ceremony

  • Wisdom Teachings (intuitively timed, channeled & emailed)

  • Handcrafted, Rose Initiates Sound & Flower Essence, Luna Rosa Sacred Smoke Blessing Blend, Goddess Tea light Set of 3, & Moon Priestess Essential Oil Blend

  • Email & Prayer Support

  • +++++Divine Feminine & Shadow Work Astrology Sessions with Sister-Priestess, Marlena McGuigan

    When meditating on how to support the teachings of the Divine Feminine, Marlena immediately came to mind. She is a phenomenal guide, a master of astrology and transpersonal work. As a gift to you…

    +Black Moon Lilith Wisdom & Moon Power Astrology 60 Minute Session (scheduled at the start of our journey)

    +(6) 60 Minute Asteroid Teaching Sessions (scheduled at your own pace) exploring the astrological feminine archetypes, and the shadow aspects for deeper healing.

    Black Moon-Wild Woman Archetype, Pallas-Warrior Woman Archetype, Ceres-Mother, Vesta-Hearth & Home|| the Fire Keeper, Juno-Commitment, Balancing Tradition & Passion, North Node & South Nodes-Karmic Balancing, & Chiron-Wounded Healer


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Rose Initiates Prayer

May you always be blessed.

May you always be held.

May you always know love.

May you always feel peace.

Wherever you are in the world, know that guardians watch over you and that your light was prayed for.


:: Luna Exchange :: This is a one month or full lunation cycle, beginning on the New or Full Moon including:

  • 30 minute Intention Setting Ceremony

  • 60-75 minute Rosa Luz Calibration-Energy & Sound Medicine, Guidance & Blessing

  • 30 minute Integration Ceremony

  • Rose Initiates Flower & Sound Essence

  • Red Moon Sacred Smoke Blessing Blend

  • Wisdom Teachings (intuitively timed, channeled & emailed)

  • Email & Prayer Support