Whether you're exploring psychic gifts, trying to make sense of cosmic/extrasensory experiences, seeking structure for life purpose or needing someone to hold sacred space for your healing, there is something for you here. The offerings I've crafted are an assortment of l o v e to support you in the best ways and to share my own light.

If  you didn't find what you're looking for and still feel called to work together, send me a message and we can c r e a t e something just for you.


Life Coaching & Intuitive Insight. Astrology & Oracle Divination. Dreamwork. Sacred Ceremony. 

Each and everyone of us were placed on this Earth to experience pure love. How we bring that love through our life looks different from person to person. This is what many call 'life purpose.' Our unique essence is our greatest gift that we can give to others. So how do we fine-tune that? Dreamweaving is a session that explores the purest light route to alignment. 

Whether you have specific questions about challenges you are having or would like guidance as a creative springboard, we can co-create together! Conducted via video chat like FaceTime or Google Hangouts.



Connect with me over at Void & Arrow for a 30 minute session to empower, uplift and catalyze your path. We can talk about any challenges you may be moving through or any questions you are seeking guidance for. Let me hold space for you through soul coaching and oracle wisdom, concluding our session with a custom crafting. I will feel into any sacred talismans that would like to support you such as a candle, mist or bath tea and we’ll create it, with your intentions in mind, through ritual in the Void & Arrow shop.

+ R E I K I +

Experience stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing with Reiki. Meditate upon your intention prior to your session, then keep your intention in your heart.

30 or 60 Minutes.

Pet Healing

Distance or in-person. 



Let yourself be nurtured by vibration through sound and sacred smudges.

Lie comfortably on a yoga mat and pillows while receiving healing

from singing crystal bowls, drum, harp, sacred light language songs, toning

and ancient wisdom.

Perfect for couples or up to 8 people.

A 10-minute sacred song, created just for you. A soiree of sacred sounds may be included from drum, singing crystal bowl, harp, pure vocal toning & light language. to ancient mantras. Mastered with Reiki under the guardianship of guides and etheric light beings.

E m a i l e d MP3.


Calibrate is an attunement to pure light by way of light languages and vibrational coding. In this ceremony, we will consult guardians and spirit guides for their blessing in the passing of these divine codes. 30 or 60 Minutes via Video Chat.

Awaken dormant DNA. Breakthrough limitations. Inspire new gifts.


1.) Yapate

2.) Morning Dew

3.) Space Temple featuring Alexa Lamorte

4.) A'me,thyst

5.) Eyes of Thenoir


Upon purchase, link will be sent to full album.  Emailed within 24 hours. <3

This sound healing album is composed of  transdimensional frequencies and has been mastered with Reiki, planetary and cosmic frequencies. While some are audible, others are inaudible and work on the many layers of your being including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. If you will allow it, these pieces can move things within you. They can assist in calibrating your energy field to the highest vibratory state possible for you at that time. This album is intended to be listened to within a space of sanctity and reverence. Take deep breaths to center your body and mind. Relax and let yourself be open to the magic of the Universe. In Lak'ech Ala K'in. Producer, Audio Engineer and Arrangement: Kian Hassankhan | Cover Art: Lawrence Stewart