60-90 minutes. Video Chat or In Person.

|| c a l i b r a t i o n || Attunement to pure light by way of transpersonal guidance, light languages, sound medicine, vibrational coding, Reiki, astrology & b l e s s i n g to help you ground and re center into the self.

Aura Cleansing. Awaken dormant DNA. Breakthrough limitations. Inspire new gifts. Receive support for expression & boundary work. Embrace your shadow.

Hi! You might not know what you need and that’s okay. This if for you if…

-You are confused and needing to come home to yourself

-Need support for life’s challenges

-Wish to receive intuitive guidance/channeling from your guides

-Are ready to release densities and receive clarity

For individuals & partners.


1 Session: $222

(5) Session Package: $1000

7 Month Journey:$2500

Monthly Session total of 7. 24/7 Email, Voice Memo & Energy Code Support.