60-90 minutes. DISTANCE or In Person.

From my heart to yours, I know what it is like to feel lost, confused, ungrounded/spinning, helpless/hopeless, heavy, numb and in need of support. My philosophy is that we truly do have all of the answers inside of us but at times, the mirror of another-mentor, teacher, guide, friend-can help guide us to our own l i g h t.

Wherever you find yourself today is perfect. In choosing to receive my support, you are meeting yourself where you are and welcoming the light that you are sensing to take in.

I work with many modalities: Reiki, sound healing songs, sacred smoke, astrology, flower medicine/essences and intuition. I have been blessed to receive the high honor of reflection that those who work with me trust my guidance and would trust me with their life.

The light in me honors the light in you. Bring your questions, challenges and an open heart. I will always stay present with you and hold space for you with the most grace, love and b l e s s i n g.

Sliding Scale: $175-$333

Email me to schedule.