Letters of Light
from 22.00

>> S O U N D T E M P L E <<

I believe in the power of sound so fiercely. All things have frequency and all can be calibrated [healed] through sound. During ancient civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon, they had designated sacred temples for healing where you could go to work with a Priest-Priestess or Witch-Wizard and receive energetic upgrades, restoration, healing, and crystalline infusions. Much of what transpired in these temples was based on sound.

Sound Temple is my own interdimensional healing temple for you to come and receive what you need. I work with many different sounds; Reiki, drum, rattles, chimes, tuning forks, crystal & tibetan singing bowls, crystal pyramids, harp and my voice through toning and light language songs.

It is my hope that this space can help you center, align and remember.

Check back periodically as I will be updating this space with new sounds.

Featured Monthly Medicine

Best listened to in the bath, the shower or near water.