H a r m o n y f o r S e l f & P a r t n e r s

Transpersonal guidance. Energy & sound medicine. Astrology.


|| c a l i b r a t e || || b l e s s i n g || & ||h a r m o n i c s || are a fusion of all of my modalities—guidance, Reiki, sound healing, light language & magic so that I can best support you. Read more…

It is an honor to hold space for you and witness your transformations. Work 1:1 with me for yourself or with your partner. Sacred Partnership has been my meditation over the last few years. There are many different forms of partnership—no matter the expression they distill to a few things: love, respect, truth, communication and intimacy. In my partner’s

|| h a r m o n i c s || offering, we have the opportunity to work at the individual and relationship levels.

Awaken dormant DNA. Breakthrough limitations. Inspire new gifts. Receive support for expression & boundary work. Embrace your shadow.

+R E I K I+

::Attunement to the medicine of the future::

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. Receiving Reiki is such a special treat for your wellness and it has been especially supportive of healing through grief and trauma. While receiving treatments is a wonderful part of self-care and practice, learning the technique opens a new door to be able to heal the self, work on friends, family, clients and even the Earth.

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|| L I G H T S O N G S H E A L E R T R A I N I N G ||

Attunement to the S e l f. Ancient Memory. Songs for Healing. Stepping onto the Path of the Sound Healer.


One of the miracles of this life is the human voice. We have the ability to translate thoughts, feelings, emotions, visions…into sound. Strung together like DNA these sounds compose words which form sentences-what a gift language is. But there is language in all things, even the unspoken, the unsung…

The study of co-creation between our vibration and all vibrations is light language ; harmony.

The Light Songs Healer Training is a two part initiation—Singing Your Light Song, where we dive deep into self-healing and then Sharing Your Light Song, where you learn mystery techniques to hold space for others.

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An immersion in the blessings of the Divine Feminine

“Priestess is a term we claim for ourselves.” -High Priestess Candace Ross, Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet

Rose Initiates is an offering that weaves my temple priestess-ship with the many wisdom traditions I've collected over the years. It is a way to come into deeper communion with the Self, Mother Earth and to learn the sacred magic of

h a r m o n y.



Private Retreat & Immersion into the spirit.

Priestessing is the sacred honor to be a witness to transformation, a bridge between the manifest and unmanifest. Send me your d r e a m s. From your intention, we’ll create s p a c e for calibration to your truest self in a private, 1:1 s a n c t u m.

Harmonize. Expand. Radiate.

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‹‹‹‹ C E R E M O N Y ››››

honoring life’s rites of passage.

Baby & Birth Blessing. First Menses. Home Blessing & Clearing. Commitment Ceremony & Weddings. Release & Manifestation. Celebration of Life.